The Belong Tour 2016

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Hi pals! We’ve got some really fun, really big news that we’ve been wanting to share for a long time.


In 2016, some of my all-time favorite women are gathering together for a brand new tour called Belong, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Jen Hatmaker, Patsy Clairmont, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Nichole Nordeman and I will be coming to 12 cities starting in August 2016. Can you even believe those women? This is nothing short of a dream for me—these are women that I adore, women I learn from, look up to, laugh with, cry with. These women are GOLD.

Belong is a two day event—Friday & Saturday. We’ll talk together about faith, about family, about love and purpose and passion and brokenness. We’ll talk about fear and courage and what it looks like to craft lives of meaning. There will be creativity and beauty and music. There will be laughter and connection. There will be space to fall apart, and space to stand and sing.

Belong is for every woman—for long-time Christian women and women who wouldn’t come to a church if you paid them. It’s for conservatives and liberals, young and old, married and single, women of every background and race. We are deeply committed to creating a wide and holy space for us to connect to one another, to see and know each other, to carry each other’s burdens together.

The team behind Belong is the same team that has built Women of Faith, and I was able join them a couple times this year as a part of Women of Faith’s Farewell tour. This is what I know about this amazing team: they’re passionate to their toes about changing women’s lives, about giving women a vision for life and meaning and purpose. I couldn’t love them more.


You know that I’ve taken a break from most traveling and speaking. You know that I was away too much for a couple seasons, that my health suffered and my heart ached. I believed and still believe in what God can do when we share our stories, when we meet each other face to face, when we gather together to connect and pray and sing. I believe in that, but I couldn’t figure out how to make all that travel work with my family life, with my heart, with health and wholeness.

So for the last three years I’ve been traveling less and less, home more and more. It’s been wonderful. And at the same time, I’ve been dreaming about a way of speaking and traveling that might work for me, and for our family. Aaron and I have talked about it a million times, knowing that it’s a dream, but articulating it all the same: what if the women I love, learn from, text silly pictures to, pray for…what if we got to do this thing together? Instead of sitting alone backstage, sitting alone in a hotel room, sitting alone at the gate of another airport, what if when I left my family, I got to join another family—a team of women that love each other and love each other’s kids, that connect in meaningful ways, that cheer each other on and weep together and have curled up on each other’s couches and eaten around one another’s tables over the years?

It was a far-off dream, to be sure, and I had no idea how to even start moving forward. But I did know that if I continued to speak and travel, the key was that it had to be in the context of long-term, authentic relationships.

At dinner with another writer friend, I told her about my dream. Crazy, right? I know. A few weeks later, she called.

She told me that the team that built Women of Faith into a beautiful, long-term movement was starting conversations about the future, about a new circle of women to continue the legacy that Women of Faith has built.

They invited me into those conversations, and we’ve been talking for months—dreaming, telling stories, getting to know one another, listening, praying. I was very slow to commit at first, wary of being away again, throwing off the healthy rhythm of life I’ve fought so hard to establish.

But then there was a night when I came home from meeting with these women who have become friends over a million phone calls and meals and visits, and I said to Aaron, “I think this is what we’ve been praying for. I think this is a sweeter, richer, fuller vision than I even knew to dream. I think this might be one of God’s most generous gifts to us.”

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I have–many, many times in the last few months–gotten down on my knees and lifted my hands to say thank you to God for this opportunity. I’m flabbergasted that I get to be included in the company of these women, and I’m so profoundly thankful.

I know there are so many cities that we won’t get to this first year. There’s a whole complicated matrix of which city and why and when, and when they tried to explain it to us, our eyes glazed over really fast. But trust us: we would LOVE to come to every part of the country, and it’s possible that in subsequent years, we’ll add or shift cities.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday, but here’s a fun thing: if you use the code SHAUNA between now and then, you’ll get $20 off select tickets.

AND for anyone who already bought a ticket, or buys one between now and December 18th, we’ve got a free Belong tshirt for you.


Here’s the thing: please come join us. Gather up a bunch of girlfriends or call your mom and sister or wrangle your neighbors and come connect with us. Our hearts are bursting with love & excitement, and our brains are brimming over with all sorts of crazy ideas to help women feel loved and connected and celebrated. We’d love to set a place at our big Belong table for you.

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